Blue circle with the symbol of the fish and the words "Serviens in spe"

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a charitable Catholic organization, active throughout Canada. The work of the society is to assist those in need who live within the parish boundary.  Home  visitations are the core and heart of the work of Vincentians (lay members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul) by which Vincentians make person to person contact with those in need.  Home visitation is what distinguishes the society from other charitable organizations where our members spend time with those who need a compassionate ear. New members are always needed.

People may call the society for emergency assistance for food or clothing.

The call for assistance can be made to St. Leonard's church # and press 3 to leave a message for SSVP. A member of the society will return the call at the earliest possible.

When leaving a message, a name, callback number and address is requested.

Over 1600 girls and boys attend  Marygrove camp and Camp Ozanam free of charge each year.

We are always looking for new members to join our society. To join the society or for more information on what we do please call the church #, press 3 and leave a message with a contact # for a call back from SSVP.